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Project manager, who will be able to select the most targeted platform, as well as to create a common strategy for the brand presence in social networks. Content writing skills will be an asset.

We are looking for the programmer, who really knows the meaning of deadlines.

Graphic Designer! Durable union of logic and creativity. Two in one. We need to create vivid, memorable and unique product which combines the function and visual.

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We stand alone and remain unique.We ignore stereotypes. We are just the best and are surely the shyest. We love to lay ourselves out for 101 %.

In fact, our philosophy is easy – we just love what we do and we love to do it the best way possible! We highly value relations and focus on business friendship and long-term Partnership. We do not measure the benefit by the price of a contract. We erase boundaries and look beyond limitations, opening new horizons in our common successful future. We are proud of each implemented project, being the result of efficient cooperation and understanding with our partners.